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7 Ways to Live Joyfully

Joyfulness is something that most of us would not mind have a bit more of. Although it is not in short supply, sometimes in life, we can get sidetracked by our jobs, relationships, family responsibilities, and forget about something we all need – time for joyousness.

There have been times in my life that I was miserable and while I probably could have come up with a reason for this, there really was not a set reason. It was merely circumstantial, at some times. At other times, it was my mood. However, the result was that I was disturbed, distracted, frustrated and angry, all at once. Sometimes, I went outside and sat in the sunshine and I still felt horrible. This was shocking to me, at the time. So, I did something different.


Wonder, by Jouni Sakari.

One day, when this happening, I decided choose one flower and just gaze upon it. After some time, an amazing thing happened. I was feeling calm and happy at the same time! Just by not thinking about my problems. This is not a new idea, but from it, I began to change my circumstances and life, eventually making it to being a more balanced person on a daily basis.

Here are 7 Way to Live Joyfully, that I have added into my life on a daily basis:

1. Take time to sit in the sun at meditate daily, sunrise and sunset, if you can. It makes a huge difference. Meditating under the stars and moon is also very healing. When you meditate, sit on the ground or grass, or a mat.

2. Walk and be in nature, as much as possible. Touching and ground with the trees, seeing and hearing the wild animals, birds and bees is very healing. At night, take walks and breath in the cool air. When you walk, try walking bare footed, when you can. It feels so good!

3. Drink lots of pure, alkaline water. This keeps the body hydrated and the energy can clear more easily.

4. Eat fresh, organic, vegetables and fruits of the earth, unprocessed and raw, when possible. In this way, you will get the energy of the sun that is present in these. Avoid, if possible, eating animal flesh. However, raw eggs are okay, especially if you know the farmer or it is from a pastured farm where the hens live in the sun and fresh air, eating grass and roaming freely. Coconut millk, oatmilk, multigrain milk, and almond milk are good substitutes for cow’s milk, if you are sensitive to it. Goat’s milk does not have growth hormone’s added, so that is another good option for dairy, if you like it, as I do.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. Keep a dream journal by your bedside. Each day when you awake, write down your dreams, if you remember them. Take time to understand them, when possible, as sometimes they can be key to understanding what is happening in your life. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, before you sleep each night, ask to remember your dreams. Eventually, it will happen.

6. Meet new friends when you have the opportunity to do so. And never be afraid to make new animal friends. They are also there for you. Be around people who love you.

7. Speak your mind and heart.  Express yourself through singing, writing, drawing, dancing, whistling, whatever way you feel comfortable. What you have to say is important. Never forget that.


Darlene McPeek is an artist and poet. She lives in Texas with her cats, Mimi Sophie and Baby Girl, along with two guinea pigs, Goldilocks and Little Girl. Ricky the Raccoon and other wild friends, such as Humingbird, Fox and Possum visit her often.


My friend, Marcel, had a brother who killed himSelf. He was very young and it was a sad time.This was the poem I wrote for him… 


Poem for Marcel’s Brother


Fly free, white bird, into the heavens,
carrying one white rose, and one red;
Song of an everlasting love.
We are together, and alone,
each of us, in birth and death.
In life, we know of love,
fleeting as life is,
we hold it sacred in our hands.
Love, too, we seek from our mothers,
our loved ones; we find it, in
differing shades of a pink sunrise,
a sunny afternoon under a tree, playing a flute.
Fleeting memories of love sustain us;
life, so full of joy,
often escapes our grasp… like a butterfly, just beyond our reach,
but as we ascend into the heavens, flying,
we reach the source of our love,
and find peace, at last.
Copyright © 2006, by Darlene Michelle McPeek

The Sun Blinds Me

The sun blinds me.
I am transformed 
into light.

Together we rise,
higher and higher.

as two wings
to one bird,
we fly.

Copyright © 2006, by Darlene Michelle McPeek

Pearls in his mouth


He carries pearls in his mouth, 
from the sea.

Rubies and emeralds, diamonds;
his heart, royal; his eyes, kind;
and his strength, without end.

He swims from another land, 
far away, carrying bounty: silk, myrrh, and frankincense.

Silk worms sacrifice themselves for beauty. 
I sacrifice myself for him.

Copyright © 2006, by Darlene Michelle McPeek

Poem for Anrita and her boys


butterfly hugs…
hummingbirds wings,
fluttering softly,
fanning their faces
as they sleep,
dreaming of you…
they will fly home
to you.
Copyright 2012, Darlene Michelle McPeek